cryptography and network security

my course notes for comp38411 module

welcome to my notes for comp38411 - cryptography and network security. my notes are based mainly on the lectures, recommended reading and a few other sources. i have created a substantial amount of diagrams for my notes, to aid visual learning.

these notes are available in web format here. a comb-bound booklet version (easier to read / nicely formatted) is also available upon request. to get a better idea of what's in the PDF version, you can get the first three chapters as a free preview below. alternatively, you can visit my resources page to see other resources i've produced.

📖 contents
  1. introduction
  2. introduction to cryptography
  3. conventional cryptography
  4. public key cryptography
  5. mac and hash functions
  6. digital signatures
  7. public key infrastructure
  8. key management
  9. entity authentication
  10. ip security
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