listed below are my grades from the last few years of my academic studies.

university of manchester (third year - 67% weighting)

code module grade
comp30030 third year project pending
comp36111 advanced algorithms i pending
comp38411 cryptography and network security pending
comp39112 quantum computing pending
math31052 topology pending
math32001 group theory pending
math32052 coding theory pending
math33011 mathematical logic pending
math34001 applied complex analysis pending
math36032 problem solving by computer pending

university of manchester (second year - 33% weighting)

code module grade
comp23311 software engineering 1 81%
comp23412 software engineering 2 81%
comp24111 machine learning and optimisation 91%
comp26120 algorithms and imperative programming 95%
comp27112 computer graphics and image processing 84%
math20111 real analysis 87%
math20122 metric spaces 93%
math20142 complex analysis 100%
math20201 algebraic structures 1 97%
math20212 algebraic structures 2 81%
math20411 pde's and vector calculus 95%

loreto sixth form college

level subject grade
a-level computing A*
a-level mathematics A*
a-level further mathematics A*
as-level chemistry A