venus & ryan photography

Venus & Ryan Photography is a photography agency based in Hong Kong, specialized in portrait and event photography. Before now, their portfolio was based exclusively on Instagram and they wanted an easy place to send potential clients whilst looking professional. They also wanted to be able to easily change the contents of the site themselves.

Tasks Involved
  • Discuss options available based on time available, operational costs and how easy it is to modify the site themselves.
  • Setup and install Ghost locally, tweak London theme and setup dynamic routing to create multi-language website.
  • Setup S3 bucket for static web hosting, domain name to point to S3 bucket using Route 53 and provision a SSL certificate using AWS Certificate Manager.
  • Create a pipeline that generates a static site, uploads changes to an S3 bucket and invalidates the CloudFront distribution's cache every time the client updates the site's content using Ghost's GUI.
Jonathan did a fantastic job creating a new website for Venus & Ryan Photography. Jonathan was friendly and nothing was too much trouble. A fantastic service, we would highly recommend and we will continue to work with him.